Trumpet, Piano. Vocals, Entertainer

Jon Seiger is a unique jazz performer in many ways. He is a protege of trumpet great Roy Eldridge, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, and has performed with many jazz notables (check out his BIO page).


Jon is known for being an exciting,  energetic trumpeter and pianist, and is world-famous for his ability to sing EXACTLY like Louis Armstrong, and other jazz greats such as Frank Sinatra, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, and more. 


In addition to being a world-class musician Jon is a first class Entertainer. His shows are exciting and fun.  This sets his shows above others in an engaging  way. Jon shares jokes, jazz history, and little-known jazz anecdotes from his years of playing with members of Louis Armstrong's band in a way that brings the audience into the performance and the jazz world like no other performer today. 





"Seiger's 'Satchmo' imitation is not to be missed!"

- Town and Country Magazine

"This guy has a flexible voice!"

- Joe Williams, Blues Singer

"Seiger's animated stage presence was charming and his playing flawless."

- The Keene Sentinel

"Seiger....could pass for a modern day Louis Armstrong!"

- Freetime Magazine, Rochester, NY

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"Jon is the hardest swingin' guy in the music business."
Larry Luttinger, CNY Jazz Arts Foundation
"Seiger really does play trumpet standing on his head!"
-The Worcester Evening Gazette
"His show is mostly a variety act. He can sing like Frank Sinatra or Joe Williams and does a close-your-eyes-you-can't-tell-the-difference Louis Armstrong. He plays serious pieces and light songs, tells jokes, talks to the audience and takes requests. He plays the piano and trumpet at the same time."
-Stacey Freed, Rochester Magazine

"Jon Seiger was the central artist of this wonderful festival. The audience and musicians were thrilled with Jon's performance, and his honest, tasteful renditions of Louis Armstrong's songs."

- Diario el Capital, Mar del Plata, Argentina